Trommel and Barrel Screen Products Barrel Screens : Full range of barrel screens suitable for screening a variety of materials. Skip waste, compost & mulches, soil, stone and hardcore are just some of the materials our screens will handle.

A simple, efficient, cost effective and reliable screening solution.

Crusher Products Crushers : Full range of crushers suitable for a wide range of applications.

From static crushers used as part of a complete recycling station to our latest, skid mounted mobile crushing plant, we have a crusher to suit any application.

Re-Handling Products Rehandling : We offer a variety of HawkFawk rehandling attachments ranging from grapples and routing rakes to tree stump splitters and farm forks.

The Hawkfawk Bucket Concrete Crusher is digger mounted for diggers from 1.5 to 13 tons. Used for crushing unwanted piles of stone and concrete and turning them into useful hardcore.